The following packets are used for the communication between server and client.

Packet Client Server
$01 Compressed Packet (containing another packet)
$02 Connection Handling
$03 Admin Handling
$04 Request Blocks Send Blocks
$05 Cancel Subscription
$06 Draw Map
$07 Insert Static Item
$08 Delete Static Item
$09 Elevate Static Item (set Z value)
$0A Move Static Item (set coordinates)
$0B Hue Static Item
$0C Client Handling
$0D Radar Map
$0E Large Scale Commands
$FF No Operation (idle) --

Connection Handling

Packet Client Server
$01 -- Send Version
$03 Send Login Info Send State and Map Info
$04 -- Update State

Client Handling

Packet Client Server
$01 -- Report Client Connected
$02 -- Report Client Disconnected
$03 -- Refresh Client List
$04 Update Client Pos Set Client Pos
$05 Chat Message Chat Message
$06 Goto Client Pos --
$07 -- Access(Level) Changed
$08 Change Password Report Password Change Status

Radar Map

Packet Client Server
$01 Request Checksum Send Checksum
$02 Request Full Map Send Full Map
$03 -- Send Radar Update

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