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h1. UO CentrED 

 CentrED stands for Centralized Editing. It is a Client/Server based [[Map|map]] editor for Ultima™ Online. 
 The intention behind this is, that the only available GodClient is rather old and was never really supported by any server emulator (at least not that I know), but I wanted the ability for several people to work on the terrain and statics together, without having to constantly transfer their current state. 

 h2. Features 

 * Complete [[Server|serverside]] map. All blocks are transfered on request. 
 * Modify Terrain 
 * Add, delete, move and hue Statics 
 * Change the altitude of Terrain and Statics 
 * [[UserManagement|Account management]] with four accesslevels (None, Viewer, Normal and Administrator) 
 * [[Restrictions|Restrict]] clients write access to specified regions (some sort of group management) 
 * Integrated [[Chat]] 
 * Client list with ability to jump to other clients position 
 * [[VirtualLayer|Virtual Layer]] to ease working on roofs or in black areas 
 * [[LargeScaleCommands|Large scale editing]] (move/copy, delete, draw, insert whole areas of the map) 
 * Easily jump to locations stored in a list or via the radar view of the whole map 
 * Server and Client for 32bit Windows and Linux 

 h2. Screenshots 

 |_. Login Screen |_. Main Screen | 
 | !!: !!: | !!: !!: | 
 |_. Account Management |_. Large Scale Commands | 
 | !!: !!: | !!: !!: | 

 h2. Future 

 * Restrict clients (with white and black lists) 
   _Allow clients to only work in certain areas, or forbid clients to work in certain areas. *(partially implemented)*_ 
 * Upload and merge diff files 
   _one could locally edit some places with MulEditor and upload the result_ 
 * Keep two versions of the map and allow selectivly merging and exporting of changes 
   _This will allow creating patches which could be used to synchronize with local copies of the map files. It comes in handy when several areas are edited at once but you want to merge some of them to the current Shard and it's clients._ 
 * ToDo List 
   _Mark areas on the radar and add comments to them._ 
 * UOArchitect/Multi.txt import 
 * Undoing changes [Request by Rhexis and SiENcE] 
   _The ability to undo a certain amount of recent changes. A history will be shown and one can select which changes to undo. (Admins can undo all, normal users only their own changes)_ 
 * Possibility to combine tiles 
   _This will allow for building presets for trees and similiar "objects"._ 

 I will extend this list if something new comes to my mind and I will remove items once they are implemented (see Changelog). 

 h2. Copyright and Disclaimer 

 UO CentrED © 2009 Andreas Schneider. 

 Ultima™ Online © 1997 Electronic Arts Inc. Ultima, the UO logo, _Are You With Us?_, ORIGIN, the ORIGIN logo and _We create worlds_ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All rights reserved. ORIGIN™ is an Electronic Arts™ brand.