Version 0.6

Added by Andreas Schneider over 14 years ago

Another bunch of ideas and fixes found its way into CentrED. Ladies and Gentlemen, the new version proudly presents:

  • Added rendering of lightsources
  • Added buttons to the largescale and region dialogs to pick locations from the game window
  • Added support for larger tiledata/animdata/art files
  • Added ability to define custom "nodraw" tiles (see Wiki)
  • Changed static tile render order
  • Changed translucent tiles to be more opaque
  • Changed the format of locations and random presets to be less fragile
  • Fixed a crash related to the Virtual Layer
  • Fixed several smaller bugs
  • Fixed serverside memory leak

Due to the new support for more static tiles, I also released a new server version.
Unfortunately I also had to change the file format for Locations and Random Presets (again). The way they are stored now should not be necessary to change in the future, so please bear with me for this (final) change.

Again many thanks for the many reports and suggestions!

Happy Holidays!